Odprta vprašanja in dileme kvantitativnega in kvalitativnega ocenjevanja v znanosti

The article is dealing with the issue, what are the reasons that bibliometrics has appeared in the second half of 20th century as additional element in R&D evaluations (along peer review which has longer historical tradition). The authors of this article try to analyse the state of the art and the development of quantitative and qualitative R&D evaluations in different part of the world. They give special attention to the functioning of R&D evaluation system in the new mode of knowledge production. In the article, the key interest is oriented to the criteria of validity and certainty in R&D evaluation procedures. In the last part of the article, there are elaborated some recommendations to improve the system of R&D evaluation established in the last few months by Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).


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31. 12. 2006
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