Biblioteka Miroslava Premrua među posebnim bibliotekama u Univerzitetskoj biblioteci “Svetozar Marković” u Beogradu

After the opening of its new building in 1926, the University Library received many gifts; the first among them was a special collection of Petar Budmani. Today, the University Library holds 26 important special collections. Most of them contain works of significant cultural and aesthetic value. An extremely valuable is Miroslav Premru’s collection which together with the part of collection held in the National Museum in Ljubljana deserves to be presented to the public in a better way. A general approach to the presentation of special collections in an electronic, multimedia environment is also dealt with in this paper. The presentation of Isidora Sekulić’s special collection, combining not only a physical but also a catalogue and digital aspect, is probably the best example of an effective approach to present such a collection.


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31. 12. 2008
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