Trendi izobraževanja za delo v informacijskih dejavnostih

As library functions are slowly turning into library and information activities, also traditional library education at library schools is merging with new information contents. If the task of such schools is to educate librarians, the task of employers is to provide them with adequate training. Both are joined by occupation. Entry into library profession has not been clearly regulated in Slovenia. Throughout the history of librarianship there has always been a difference between a professional work and a routine work in libraries; the relevant standards have been set jointly by professional societies. Over a recent period, study programmes have been changing rapidly under the influence of the Bologna Declaration in particular. Librarians have taken on new challenges and have the capacity to address the fields, such as digitalisation of cultural heritage, information literacy, information search, information society, knowledge management, knowledge organisation, libraries and the cultural environment, history of libraries, transmission of culture within Europe, library practice, and library management. Due to constant challenges and higher demands for specific types of knowledge, library schools must adapt fast. It is of key importance, however, that the educational process includes expert work, quality practical training and effective research. There is no doubt that libraries will not become extinct but they will continue successfully their mission.


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31. 12. 2009
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