Improving WorldCat quality

OCLC’s WorldCat approaches 475 million bibliographic records. Many of those records have been created manually by members of OCLC’s worldwide cooperative. Others have been added to WorldCat en masse from institutions large and small, from national libraries, from cultural heritage institutions, or from rural public libraries.

Archival description using UNIMARC: Presidential Library experience

The paper presents basic approaches to managing archival resources in the Presidential library (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). All resources in the collection are described using the RUSMARC format (national implementation of UNIMARC), which provides sufficient instruments to keep the hierarchical structure of archival description and to give detailed characteristics of the materials.

Library System Development Centre, National and University Library, and integration of school libraries in COBISS

The amendments to the Librarianship Act in 2015 redefined the status of school libraries and assigned new tasks associated with the monitoring of the activities and development of school libraries to the National and University Library (NUL). The statistical monitoring of activities performed by school libraries, the designing of the school library development strategy, the concept of three-year development plans and the development of regulations on the conditions to be met by school libraries in the field of education are among the new activities of the Library System Development Centre, NUL.

About strategic objectives of the Institute of Information Science

In autumn 2019, IZUM prepared the medium-term strategy for 2019–2024. Seven strategic objectives are identified. They are described based on the common methodology (situation analysis, description of the objectives, planned measures to achieve the objectives, expected results and effects, indicators and specific risk factors with risk control measures).

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2018

The article presents an analysis of the increase in bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2018. The data collected during the year were included in the analysis. Emphasis is placed on bibliographic data (n = 169,226), as well as data on the increase of normative records for personal names in the CONOR.SI database (n = 63 716) and data on downloaded records from other databases. Included is the analysis of the increment of bibliographic records by months for 2018 and the most productive days of the year.

Hoaxes, myths and prejudice in science: example of Pierre Trémaux

The literature review is an integral part of research. The story of Pierre Trémaux (1818–1895) illustrates how factors, such as hoaxes, fabrications, untrue stories, myths and prejudice, which have nothing to do in science, difficulties in comprehending and accepting new scientific paradigms and also slow and geographically limited dissemination of scientific findings, which results in not being familiar with scientific findings and discoveries elsewhere in the world, are harmful for the ecology of scientific communication.

Entry of Slovenian authority records for personal names into VIAF

In November 2018, with the entry of authority records for personal names into the VIAF (Virtual International Authority File) system, Slovenia joined national libraries and other institutions that form authority data. Thus, Slovenian authority data is published at a global level. The article presents the VIAF system, the combining of records into clusters and their appearance in the web.

COBIB.SI: increment of bibliographic records in 2017

The article presents the analysis of the annual increment of bibliographic records in COBIB.SI in 2017. According to the data as of 31 December 2017, 174,995 new bibliographic records were created in COBIB.SI in 2017; the data collected during 2017 (n = 171,273) is analysed. The data on bibliographic and authority records downloaded from other databases is included, e.g. from WorldCat (OCLC), ISSN Register (International Standard Serial Number), Online Catalogue of the Library of Congress and Library of Congress Name Authority File (LCNAF).


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